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Call (412) 906-ZERO or e-mail to discuss and customize a free quote for your event.

Sustainable Energy Solutions


Custom Fabrication & Off-grid Installations

Solar Generators

Our primary choice of power generation. Our solar generators emit zero noise, zero fumes, and are the ideal choice for lighting and sound reinforcement. They generate power during the daytime, but keep the party going well into the night with internal batteries. Solar generators start at $100 per day.

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(Light Loads)


(Light/Medium Loads)


(Light/Medium Loads)

Electric Vehicle

(Light/Medium Loads)

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(Heavy Loads)

Biodiesel Generators

Have heavy power needs? Biodiesel Generators make less noise and produce less odor than a diesel burning generator while packing the same amount of power. Our generators can run on biodiesel or straight veggie oil (burns 95% cleaner than diesel fuel).  These generators are great for things like food trucks and start at $250 per day.

Zero Fossil also provides accompanying:

● Distribution expertise

● Feeder cable

● Distribution panels

● Extension cord (miles of it!)


DID YOU KNOW? ZeroFossil collects and processes biofuel from local bars, restaurants and churches— Repurposing waste!



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Mobile Solar Stage

The world's only mobile fully solar powered stage, the roof canopy is made from super thin solar panels. With a large lithium battery bank under the deck and dual 3,000 watt inverters, this stage can play anywhere and anytime from the sun. $2,000 per day.

Mini mkrStage

Lightweight and robust, this personal stage can be setup in 30 minutes anywhere, yet breaks down to fit in the trunk of a car. The 8’X8’ or 8'x12' performance space is great for all types of artists, DJs and presenters. Starting at $250 per day.

SunSpot Phone Charging Stations

A ZeroFossil Original: Free-standing solar kiosk with 4 multitap USB connections (16 outputs). Help your guests power up during a long day and get home safely. Rental cost for a Sunspot is $250 per day or $500 per day with custom branding options.


CONTACT US to see how you can access a free charging station for your event! SunSpot seasonal rentals also available.

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 ZeroFossil offers a wide range of interactive displays designed to educate and entertain the public at your event. A staff member will set up and monitor each interactive while describing the science and sustainability at play. Rental costs for Hand-crank and Bikerator Interactives start at $150 per day.

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Hand Crank


Sponsorship Opportunities & Custom Branding

Want to show the crowd your commitment to going green? Sponsor ZeroFossil and we’ll deck out our equipment with your brand and logo for all to see. Contact us about how we can help your company stand out!

Special Events

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Your wedding is going to be incredible. Keep the love going! Celebrate surrounded by sustainable sound and lighting, or plug your amenities into a solar or biodiesel generator. Feeling extra romantic? Host your toasts and talent on the world’s only mobile solar stage. See related brochure pages for details. Prices Vary.


School Programming

ZeroFossil goes to school! As part of an initiative to share sustainability with those for whom it matters most, ZF offers both in-class and assembly-style sustainability and energy programs. Curriculum is designed in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), but can be adjusted to fit the needs of any teacher or classroom. Prices Vary.

Specialty Installs

Whether you are seeking a helping hand or comprehensive project management, ZeroFossil’s experienced technicians are ready to turn your solar dreams into reality. ZF specializes in off-grid installations, which are tailored to each site and each client’s needs. Past projects include solar-powered/assisted: outdoor trail lighting and spotlights, food trucks, and fountains (pumps). Prices Vary.

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