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Sustainable Event Rental and Production

ZeroFossil offers a range of rental systems for virtually any event or occasion. From pop-up parties to large festivals, we can supply clean sustainable energy for use day or night through our solar generators. No fuel, no fumes, no noise, no hassle. If you need help organizing an event, ZeroFossil can assist in full production services as well. Let us supply your event with sound, lighting, and entertainment. Tell us your needs below in the rental form or contact us at energy@zerofossil.com and we will be happy to create a sustainable solution. The following is a list of equipment and services available for rental.

Solar Generators

Juice Box

Small portable unit that can be placed virtually anywhere to run smaller devices like lights, small appliances, or portable sound systems.

Power Tower 1

Trailer based unit capable of light/medium work loads.

Nissan Leaf

Our electric car also doubles as a generator that can run light/medium work loads.

Power Tower 2

Power Tower 1’s big brother. Trailer based unit capable of medium/heavy work loads.


Our box van converted to be it’s own standalone solar generator.

Bio-Diesel Generators

When you need LOTS of power, there is no substitute for a traditional style generator. The problem with most of these generators is that they can be noisy, stinky, and they use fossil fuel. Our generators are whisper quiet, low on exhaust fumes, and also run on bio-diesel (comprised mostly of vegetable oil).

Not only can we produce massive amounts of power using bio-fuel, but we also have the equipment and knowledge to distribute it where it needs to go. We have a full inventory of feeder cable, distribution panels, and miles of extension cord that ensure you’ll have reliable power for even the heaviest workloads. Please contact us so we can appropriately size the correct generator to your event.

412-906-9376 / energy@zerofossil.com


ZeroFossil can provide lighting for almost any application. Whether it’s safety, decoration, or simply illuminating a dark area, we have a wide variety of LED lamps, stringers, and spotlights that use minimal amounts of electricity to provide the brightest experience possible.

Safety & Egress Flood/Spot Lights on Tripod Stands

All-Purpose LED Clamp Lights

LED Cafe-Style String Lights: These stringers have beautiful LED glass globes that provide the traditional warm glow of an incandescent bulb.

Gobo Projectors: These fixtures will display a custom logo against almost any flat surface available. (Wall, building, tent, etc.) Price includes the custom logo provided digitally by the client.

Stage and Uplighting: We have many varieties and sizes of LED par-cans that can be programmed in custom colors, patterns, and positions. Describe your artistic vision to us and we’ll make it happen.

Special Occasion and Ambient Lighting: We can also provide non-traditional lighting services like candles, fireworks, and bonfires. We’re always up for a challenge!


ZeroFossil has a wide array of sound and audio equipment along with a trained staff to run the show.
Small Sound System (3000W Max): Good for up to 500 people, streaming music, public address, and basic acoustic live music. Includes pandora streaming, mixer, microphones and stands, speaker stands.

Medium Sound System (10,000W Max): Good for up to 2500 people, streaming music, public address, and basic full band live music. Includes pandora streaming, mixer, microphones and stands, drum mics, and speaker stands.

Custom Large Sound System:   Please give us a call if you are planning a large scale concert.

Add-on Speaker Relay System: Broadcasts the sound from the stage to multiple remote speakers around the event area, allowing an even distribution of volume rather than one loud broadcasting point.

Need Talent? We have an extensive network of local DJs and bands that cover a wide variety of genres. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find an act suitable to your audience.


Brand new for 2018, ZeroFossil has it’s own solar-powered mobile stage! This stage makes fully sustainable and self-sufficient concerts possible with 2,800 watts of solar generation and 14,400 watt hours of storage. This stage keeps the party going all day and all night.

Whether its 50 people or 5000+, ZeroFossil has access to premium mobile staging for almost any size concert. Solar powered song and dance is one of our favorite things to produce! Let us know what you’re planning and we’ll size the correct stage for your audience.

412-906-9376 / energy@zerofossil.com


Bikerator Powered Interactives (Bicycle Powered Generator)

Bikerator Water Cannons: Opposing bike powered water cannons that allow riders to blast each other with a stream of water. (Water source required)

Bikerator Misting Station: Allows a rider to pedal and produce their own misting station in hot weather.

Bikerator Lighting Rig: We can rig up lights (string or spotlight) that will react to a rider’s pedaling speed.

Bikerator Powered Smoothies: A rider can power a blender that blends smoothies. (Our house recipe is organic lemonade and organic mixed berries-4oz serving).

Bikerator Water Fountain: A simple water fountain that pumps faster the faster a rider pedals.

Will Powered Interactives (Hand Crank Generator-ADA Compliant)

Light Bulb Demo: A user can see and feel how difficult it is to power LED, Compact Fluorescent, and Incandescent light bulbs with human power.

Watt Challenge: Colorful lighting display that challenges users to see how much electricity they can produce.

Inflatable Character: Users generate power to a fan that inflates a 6 foot tall inflatable.

Lighting display: We can rig up lights (string or spotlight) that will react to a user’s power generation speed.

Will Powered Smoothies: A user can power a blender that blends smoothies. (Our house recipe is organic lemonade and organic mixed berries-4oz serving).

Cell Phone Charging Station

A ZeroFossil original – Free standing solar kiosk with up to 4 multitap USB connections to charge an array of mobile devices. Let your guests get a quick charge from the sun so they can get home safely. *Branding banners and private label sponsorship opportunities available. Put your business name in public view.

Water fountain

A simple water fountain that pumps faster the more sun a panel receives.


Air Movers

We have a variety of small to large fans to provide a cool environment for event guests.

Misting Station

Air movers with misting attachment adds extra cooling capacity for outdoor events.

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