Battery Capacity: 100 Amp Hours

Solar Generation: 140 Watts

AC Output: 1500 Continuous / 3000 Max Watts


The JuiceBox is the ultimate portable energy generator. Designed for the active individual, the JuiceBox is a portable power supply designed for camping, tailgating, concerts, shows, job sites or any situation where grid power is unavailable or unwanted. With built-in wheels and a collapsible handle, the JuiceBox collects power from the sun or Bikerator and stores this power for future needs. This energy is then dispensed in multiple formats for virtually any application; 120VAC (household current), 12VDC (automotive current, LED lighting) and USB (charging electronics, smart phones, etc.). The JuiceBox is robust and ruggedized and is made to withstand the rigors of everyday use.


Battery Capacity: 400 Amp Hours

Solar Generation: 840 Watts

AC Output: 2000 Continuous / 3000 Max Watts


A hybrid energy system for home, office or off-grid applications such as cabins, job sites or garages. The Integrator collects energy through various means then cleans, regulates, stores, and dispenses this energy for virtually any application. With multiple inputs, the Integrator is capable of storing energy derived from the sun, wind, water, and even human generation. Pure sine-wave inverter technology allows for the safe operation of sensitive electrical equipment like medical devices, flat screen TVs, and laptop computers while the robust 2,000 watt inverter (3,000 watt max) can also power demanding appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves. For applications where the grid is present, the Integrator is capable of sending energy into the grid to reduce or eliminate the overall energy consumption from the utility. Lower your electric bill and be sustainably prepared with the stored energy from natural resources.


Battery Capacity: 1200 Amp Hours

Solar Generation: 560 Watts

AC Output: 7000 Continuous / 13000 Max Watts

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Built on the same platform as the JuiceBox and the Integrator, the PowerTower and SuperCube are solar powered, event-sized sustainable energy generators. The PowerTower is great for a small concert and can comfortably power multiple vendors, sound systems, and activities. With its small footprint (30 inches x 30 inches), a large storage capacity of 1200 amp hours and a formidable maximum AC output 13000 watts, the PowerTower can be placed virtually anywhere and deliver clean, consistent energy for any occasion. Great for emergency use, the PowerTower can be quickly deployed for instant power day or night and is also compatible with wind energy or the human-powered Bikerator.


Battery Capacity: 4800 Amp Hours

Solar Generation: 1400 Watts

AC Output: 25000 Continuous / 50000 Max Watts

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The SuperCube is the bees knees when it comes to extreme energy management. Capable of storing 4800 Amp Hours and outputting a maximum of 50000 watts, the SuperCube was designed for centralized power distribution for any event. The SuperCube has 1400 watts of solar generation built in and can handle additional inputs of up to 10000 watts in both solar and wind power. Compatible with all other ZeroFossil products, the SuperCube can be used to charge and maintain a fleet of JuiceBoxes or PowerTowers while still supplying electricity for your event's needs. With dimensions of only 6'x6'x6' and a solar "wingspan" of 16', the SuperCube lives comfortably next to a stage or in the middle of dozens of vendors. Never producing any fumes or needing any fuel, the SuperCube silently and safely generates clean, sustainable energy in a big way.


Human Generation: 350 Watts

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The Will is a hand-powered generator. We have built them for a variety of reasons, from museum lighting installations to sailboat emergency power, and we expect there will be more to come! The Will's drivetrain is built from robust bicycle and electric scooter parts onto a clear plastic base giving it a solid feel that will keep going and going. The real beauty of the Will is the direct drive between the hands and power creation, allowing the user to feel the amount of energy required to generate power, this makes it a great teaching tool.


Bicycle Generation: 250 Watts


The Bikerator is a 250W bicycle powered generator. Simply place the rear tire of any adult bicycle into the Bikerator stand and start pedaling your way to green energy generation. The Bikerator generates enough power to run a household refrigerator when used in conjunction with either the JuiceBox or Integrator. The Bikerator supplements solar and wind energy by charging your system when the sun is not available or the wind is not blowing. The JuiceBox and Integrator can store the energy generated from multiple Bikerators along with solar, wind, and hydroelectric inputs simultaneously.